Nadcap and ANAB Certification

Thompson Aluminum Casting Company is proud to have been certified by the Nadcap Management Council in recognition of accreditation, as listed in eAuditNet.com on the Qualified Manufacturers List, for our NonDestructive Testing capabilities.

In addition, we are ANAB accredited in accordance with requirements of AS9104/1:2012-01 by Smithers Quality Assessments, an accredited Aerospace Registration management Program Certification Body, to the quality management system standards and requirements AS9100:2016.

Castings are produced to meet the demands of aerospace standards, various military standards, and customer specifications.

Non-Destructive Testing

A group of analysis techniques used to evaluate the properties of a casting without causing damage.

Thompson utilizes Radiography (RT) and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) to ensure the castings produced meet the rigorous demands of our customers.

Thompson employs certified Level 3 X-Ray technicians and utilizes modern X-ray equipment. This process allows us to penetrate and examine the casting for subsurface discontinuities and to check its soundness. Working with our customers, we develop a sampling plan that may require random or 100% x-ray testing of each casting.

A Polaris SC-500 Series III X-Ray system is utilized with two full size FUJI automatic processors which are utilized to produce consistent and quality examinations.

Photo of a non-destructive testing x-ray machine
Photo of a non-destructive testing machine


Thompson utilizes two Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) to validate casting dimensions.

BROWN & SHARPE CMM, Model: Validator 700
5 Axis, D.C.C Programmable

PC-DMIS programming software Ver. 3.2
Can import CAD data into PC-DMIS to create part programs.

Can measure parts or scan parts and perform reverse engineering to export into 3D files. Also has SolidWorks CAD program interfaced to PC-DMIS.

ZEISS Manual CMM, Model: Numerex
5 axis, Fully-manual CMM

U-Soft programming software Ver. 9.04 Rev. 8 ECN

Our quality control technicians use state-of-the-art computerized ZEISS- Numerex Coordinate Measuring Machines to perform a complete dimensional inspection of a casting. This measuring machine is capable of providing SPC analytic data.

The GD&T criteria applied by the software conforms to ANSI Y14.5

8′ FaroArm Platinum with Laser Tracker
• Temperature & Overload Sensors
• Bluetooth® Cable-free Operation
• Precision up to 0.020mm
• Precise CAD-to-Part analysis

Photo of a dimensional testing machine
Photo of FARO Arm

Tensile Testing

Our certified technicians can perform tensile testing on a test bar from a foundry run using a modern computerized instrumentation system. The operator can display the load in pounds, kilo pounds, ounces, newtons, grams or kilograms and can show load vs. strain or stress vs. strain. This automated system provides a greater degree of control, accuracy and data acquisition at a faster speed than possible with manually controlled test machines.

Photo of tensile strength testing machine

Spectrographic Analysis

To meet industry’s increasing demands for product quality assurance and cost effectiveness, Thompson Casting has a high speed, high performance spectrometer system for the chemical analysis of metals.

This system allows a certified technician to perform spectrographic analysis on a test disk. In less than 30 seconds, a complete chemical analysis of up to 64 elements, alloys and traces can be made and the results are immediately displayed and printed for statistical evaluation and production control.

Photo of a Spectromax Spectrographic analysis work station