Foundry Capabilities

On average, Thompson pours 20,000# lbs. of aluminum and magnesium each day. Three molding methods are utilized: Green sand, precision dry sand, and permanent mold. Castings ranging from a few ounces to 2,000 pounds are cast on a daily basis.

Green Sand

• Suitable for all types of alloys and applications.
• Produces small and large castings, up to 500 lbs.
• Fast turnaround times.
• Design changes are easily made.
• Capable of producing a .100″ wall thickness.


• Four (4) Osborne jolt squeeze machines
• Two (2) Osborne 3161 Rotalift
• One (1) international cope and drag system

Permanent Mold

• Ideal for high volume runs with consistent repeatability.
• Produces sound castings with excellent mechanical properties.
• Excellent density, detail, and dimensional accuracy.
• Suitable for castings up to 120 lbs.
• Capable of producing a .100″ wall thickness.

Dry Sand

Thompson utilizes a proprietary process called Investocure. Our proprietary binder system produces castings within a +/- .020″ tolerance and wall thicknesses as low as .080″.

• Dimensionally accurate piece after piece.
• Excellent metallurgical integrity; capable of producing a grade-A x-ray casting.
• Suitable for castings up to 2000 lbs

Core Room

TAC has the ability to produce any type of core needed. Our sand cores range in size from ounces to 23,000 lbs. These cores are produced on a wide variety of equipment:

• Two (2) twin screw dependable mixers capable of producing 950 lbs. of sand per minute
• One (1) CB22SA cold box core machine
• Two (2) Dependable 200 shell core machines
• One (1) A U180 shell core machine
• Two (2) Gaylord core shooters